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Mule Saddles

Dakota 412        17" swept back front, hardseat, golden brown w/barbwire border
Dakota 800        17" Afork, hardseat, mahogany with barbwire border
Rocking R 2807    16" Old Timer, hardseat, mahogany, full tool

Roping Saddles

Dakota 809          16" Wade hardseat, golden brown, spot basket
Dakota 553          16" Grainout bicycle seat, star border
Dakota 412          17" swept back front, hardseat, pro brown with barbwire border
Dakota 500          18" golden brown, rust suede seat   
Dakota 502          17" golden brown, rough out jockeys & fenders, basket
Dakota 206          16" light oil, tooled black inlay w/Montana Silver conchos 
Dakota 209AF        16" Afork, hardseat, golden brown
Guffey              16" golden brown with rust suede, no tooling
Rocking R 2515      16" golden brown, rough out with lightning bolt border
Longhorn 73743      17" golden brown with stitched seat, Bullhide Tree
Santa Fe 512        16" golden brown, hardseat with full carve
Tex Tan 08326R6     16" AQHA Collection, special edition
Longhorn 73748S07   17" Billy Cook of Greenville Tx, oiled rough out, stitched seat
HR Fitsright        16" swept back wide front ranch roper, oiled rough out
HR Will James       17" Wade, rough out, custom built
Longhorn ZS326-5SWBC         15" chocolate with chocolate suede, oiled
Saddlesmith 2918176          16" swept back front, basket tooled
Ran Ten 3075                 16" golden brown with 1/2 ostrich memory foam seat
Circle P 243752              16" All Around Ranch Roper, golden brown
Saddle Barn 37156            16" oiled rough out, hamley tooled
Saddle Barn 37155            15 1/2" oiled rough out, hamley tooled

Barrel Saddles 

Lamb 360           15" Zebra seat, light oil with rough out, zebra inlay skirts
Ran Ten 2027       15" light oil with brown stitched suede seat, scallop skirts
Ran Ten 2028       15" light oil with brown stitched suede seat, engraved crosses Ran Ten 2021       15" Cheetah 1/2 bicycle seat, light oil with rough out
Silver Royal 2045-31     15 1/2" brown suede seat, carved skirts & many extras
Longhorn 732174S         14" Wave A Smokin
Longhorn 732715R         15" black suede seat with black crystals
Longhorn ZS34014NBC      14" rought jockeys & fenders, black rawhide & trim
Saddle Barn 5409         15" black ostrich seat, rough out jockeys & fenders
Lamb 328                 16" black suede seat,crystal conchos w/lrg crystal bracer Lamb 525CR               15" turquoise ostrich seat, trimmed in turquoise rawhide
Lamb 320                 15" black suede seat, hair on inlay with star conchos
Lamb 360                 15" royal gator seat, royal gator inlay, scalloped skirts
Saddle King 1207         15" lime ostrich seat, lime ostrich inlay w/butterflies Tex Tan 08NB87P6         16" NBHA Freedom Racer, special edition NBHA conchos
Saddlesmith 215433       13" Steinhoff FLEX Cross Racer, Special Edition
HR                       16" brown tone gator seat
HR                       16" cross racer FLEX, black suede seat, cross conchos
Rocking R 200            15" BLACK saddle, basket & floral tooled, rawhide trim
Guffey                   13" swept back front, spot basket
Guffey                   14" round skirt, barbwire border
Guffey                   16" red ostrich seat, swept back front, carved & antiqued
Guffey                   16" swept front back, rough out jockeys & fenders
Guffey                   16" square skirt, spot basket
Guffey                   13" square skirt, barbwire border
Guffey                   16" square skirt, full carve
Guffey                   13" square skirt, spot basket
Dakota 320BR             15" FLEX, light oil, tan suede seat, MS barrel racer 
Dakota 342               15" green suede seat, MS inlay conchos
Dakota 310FX             16" FLEX, light oil, toast suede seat
Dakota 325C              16" FLEX, green suede seat, MS corner plates
Dakota 310FX             15" FLEX, purple ostrich seat, round skirt w/oak leaf Dakota 310FX             16" FLEX, purple ostrich seat, round skirt w/oak leaf Dakota 325               15" golden brown, padded & stitched with suede jockeys
Dakota 300FX             14" FLEX, pink ostrich seat, rough out jockeys & fenders
Dakota 325FX             17" FLEX, black suede seat, spot basket
Dakota 425               16" swept back front, rough out jockeys & fenders, basket Dakota 300               15" light oil, rust suede, rough out jockeys & fenders Dakota 325C              15" FLEX, light oil, green suede, MS corner plates
Dakota 325C              16" FLEX, light oil, green suede, MS corner plates
Dakota 910J              15" golden brown, rust suede, round skirt


Tex Tan 081283S6          16" Poco Reiner, special edition, mahogany & studded trim
Dakota 100                16" Cutter, golden brown, grainout seat
Dakota 110                16" Ranch Cutter, hardseat, square skirt
HR                        16" Custom calf roper
Dakota 552                16" Penner Roper, black ostrich seat, full tool
Dakota 9555               16" Penner Roper, full tool with black inlay
Australian OutbackAS155    18" Dundee Rancher
Australian OutbackAS160    18" Western Rancher
Abetta 205605PK            15" Black w/pink ostrich trim & 1/2 ostrich seat
Dakota 920                 16" Trainer, full rough out
Dakota 820                 16" Reiner, light oil, spot basket tooling
Lamb 620                   16" Trainer, full rough out
Ran Ten 2048               16" Show saddle, Montana Silver package
Circle P 243773            16" Rancher, golden brown
Dakota 820                 15 1/2" Reiner, chocolate, black suede seat, spot basket
Trail & Flex Trail

4351X         16" FLEX trail, custom package, light oil, barbwire border
4351FBX       16"  FLEX trail, custom package, mahogany, barbwire border
4351X         17"  FLEX trail, custom package, golden brown, barbwire border
4410X         16"  FLEX trail, custom package, swept back front, dark golden 4410X         17"  FLEX trail, custom package, swept back front, dark golden
4351X         16"  FLEX trail, mahogany, barbwire border
4213FBX       16"  FLEX trail, dark golden brown, petal border
4212X         16"  FLEX trail, pro brown, brass 
4213X         16"  FLEX trail, dark golden brown, carmel seat, barbwire border
4211X         16"  FLEX trail, pro brown, shell border
Tex Tan 08TF408P6    16"  FLEX, brass spots
Tex Tan 08TF4011P75  17 1/2" FLEX, trail bross
Tex Tan 08TF407P6    16"  FLEX, high trail
Tex Tan 08TF4012P75  17 1/2" FLEX, Eminence
Longhorn 73506D6     16"  FLEX, Billy Cook of Greenville, TX, camo seat
Tex Tan 08TF903C65   16 1/2" 


Golian's Saddles & Tack
56695 Ginny Belle Ln.
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